Set (of Neighbours) ___ Deme ___ Parish ____ Community ______

However, once we have 'woken up' to Who We Are, 'SMICs' can be introduced throughout the land.

[NB. The figure seven is being used here because this number would appear to represent the optimum size for any group that wishes to engage in face-to-face discussion and give everybody a chance to have their say.

But, obviously, it might not always prevail.  Since members will move in or away, come of age or pass on, the size of the group at any point in this network, i.e. at the Set, Deme or Parish level, will increase or contract.

Should, therefore, the number reach more than 10, this administrative grouping, it is suggested, could be divided into two or, should it fall below 5, it could be absorbed into other surrounding groups.

Or, if the whole has become out of balance, a complete rearrangement of all groupings could easily be made.  The network, therefore, is not fixed forever but is always open to constructive change, wherever it is needed.]

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