Every dot on this page stands for one individual, a (probably) 'unevolved' member of the human race.

Thus, at present, you are only allowed, on twelve or thirteen occasions during a lifetime (on average), to choose a representative of this or that conventional political party - in this country, approximately, one Member of Parliament per 100 000 people (about six times the number of dots on this page) - to think, speak and act ‘on your behalf.’

How much direction and control over your own life and surroundings does this system give you?  How many unsatisfactory outcomes must arise from organising human affairs in this manner?  How long can we accept being divided into those who govern and those who are governed when 'We Are All One'?

But it does not have to be like this!  'A United and Sustainable, More Advanced Society' can be established out of this increasingly outdated approach, out of the existing fabric of society, i.e. out of ‘The Masses’!

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