Careful and Gradual

The ‘Re-Structuring of The Current Global Order’, possibly in the ways described (Unity In Practice), should proceed fairly smoothly, once ‘The Concept of Oneness’ has become generally recognised and an ‘OWT Party’ elected into office throughout the land, but the widespread introduction of ‘Community-Based Self-Governance’ could take longer.

The ‘Transformation of Society’, therefore, from one based mainly on ‘pyramids of wealth, separation and fear’ to one founded entirely on ‘horizontal networks, unity and love’ would not happen overnight.  (NB. The term, love, has three meanings – eros, philia and agape.  This writing is mainly concerned with the last interpretation.)

Indeed, this more enlightened method of organising human affairs, it is suggested, could be tried out on an experimental basis to begin with, after which it would be gradually introduced into the existing landscape.

First 'SMICs'

So where might these initial experiments take place?  Suitable locations which immediately come to mind are those which are out-of-the-way, such as: depopulated/deserted areas, where there is plenty of room in which to evolve; appropriate and willing eco-villages/communes, whose previous experience could prove most valuable; and those large country estates which are currently in the hands of individuals, corporations or The State.1

Here, in each of these selected sites2, all of the necessary components for a fully functioning ‘SMIC’ would be installed, with the help and support, financial and otherwise, of an ‘OWT Administration’, such as: a well equipped, administrative ‘Community Centre’; a clearly defined but flexible ‘Catchment Area’, consisting of eco-friendly dwellings and buildings, the local manufacture of goods and the production of food, as far as is possible, the establishment of a well organised, egalitarian system of ‘Direct Democracy’, the provision of renewable sources of energy, independent of a National Grid and sufficient ‘Education Clubs’, for the use of children aged 2/3 to 7/8 and 8/9 to 12/13, etc., etc.. (See: Self-Governance)

Thus, all those areas of human endeavour - listed, for example, in A Possible Future - would gradually become a reality.

Early Pioneers

But who exactly would be involved in these initial trials?  Adults and their off-spring, if any, from existing society, along with local people who have decided to stay and become actively involved, would be invited to apply for membership of these embryonic ‘SMICs’, thereby becoming part of ‘a movement back to the land’ that is already taking place here and elsewhere but, this time, with official backing and assistance.

Thus, these first volunteers would come from many different settings and backgrounds.  But the majority are expected, initially, to come from the city, i.e. those large urban areas which, at present, exist everywhere, especially along the coastline, but are making too many demands on the surrounding countryside and are becoming unworkable.  And so, their most congested areas will disappear, as they become reduced in size (and, perhaps, returned to nature, while places of cultural and social interest would be retained.)

However, before entering upon such an exciting and attractive venture, they will have been well prepared – perhaps, by attending various meetings and suitable courses and, thus, acquiring the necessary skills, abilties and outlook, a task in which schools, places of worship and the media will, to begin with, also become involved.

Accordingly, it will be not just an OWT Party which will be promoting ‘The Notion of Unity’, in response to the current crisis/emergencies, but the whole of present-day society, thereby raising the level of people’s consciousness and helping to bring into being a more evolved culture in which this ‘Transformation of Society’ can take place.

And so, these pioneers (and those who come after them) will have become: awake to the pitfalls of being governed and educated 'from above'; aware of Who They Are and Why They Are Here; and committed to developing and expanding a way forward (also known as 'The 3As' but for adults!)

An Elevated Civilisation!

Then, once such experiments have been operating successfully in these various places and it is plain for all to see that a healthier, more contented existence is possible under these very different but enlightened conditions, this model could be applied in general to the prevailing landscape3, where it will act like an anti-dote to the cancerous growths of the present system.

Thus, a functional life-style, operating in harmony with nature, will begin to come into existence, as we all start living, locally, in horizontally linked, regional networks of diverse, adaptable, interconnected ‘SMICs’, none of which will be more important than any other (Diagram 5).

Hence, ‘A Sustainable, More Advanced Society’, founded on ‘Community-Based Self-Governance in A United and Re-Schooled World’, will become established globally, capable of lasting for many, many years!


1It might well be asked how might this freeing-up of the land for this 'r/evolutionary' purpose come about?  And the answer must be that, as our world becomes ever more dysfunctional, it will be realised everywhere that a major change to the rules concerning the private and public ownership of property will have to be implemented.  (See 'GOD TALK' on website yet to be published.)  Consequently, ‘when the time is right’, this social convention will be abandoned because it will be seen to be rendering Life unsustainable.

For example, it increases the gap between ‘the haves’ and ‘the have-nots’, not least, via: the existence of the laws of inheritance, the proliferation of gated areas for the rich and, the encouragement of conflicts around the world for territorial and resource-gathering reasons.  And, of course, it creates all kinds of property-related criminal behaviour, such as neglect, burglary, fraud, corruption and squatting!

Accordingly, this mental construction, i.e. something we have made up - and exists - only in our minds (for there are no lines on the surface of the Earth and possessions cannot be taken with us after ‘passing on’) will be replaced by the social convention of ‘Community Ownership’ in order to render Life functional once more.  (And so, all possessions, including people and objects, will henceforth be known as ‘caressions’?)

2 For example, at present there are over five thousand country estates above 1,000 acres in this country (many of which are unregistered and, therefore, whose current owners are unknown.  See Who Owns Britain, page 6, Book List 7.)  Consequently, when they become available, as a result of the introduction of ‘Community Ownership’, they alone would provide accommodation for millions of people.  (See Diagram 3, which suggests that the average population of each ‘SMIC’ would be around 2,500, i.e. between 500 and 4,500 members.)  How ironic, therefore, that these grandiose status symbols, which were built on the backs of exploited workers whose toil provided the wealth for their construction, could be handed over to their descendants, thereby enabling them to go from council estate to country estate!

3In the county of Norfolk where I presently live (and have done so for the last 35 years), there are 28 towns, 635 villages and many smaller hamlets around which its current population could be voluntarily and more evenly dispersed, including that of its one and only city, Norwich, where almost a quarter of a million people live.  And so, instead of many new homes being crowded into selected areas in order to meet the demand for housing, according to the most recent ‘Local Plan’, an appropriate number could be added to each of these places as they become transformed into ‘SMICs.’

And so, in the seaside resort where I dwell, once the principle of 'Community Ownership' has been accepted and implemented, the process of establishing this more grown up system of ‘Self-Governance’ in this part of the world could be begun by constructing an administrative ‘Community Centre’ in that neglected area of the town behind the shops to the north east of the clock tower, a major consequence of which will be that the ultimate expansion and size of ‘Its Catchment Area’ could be controlled and limited by the size of its membership.

In particular, the elderly from elsewhere will no longer be attracted to these areas, as life becomes more agreeable where they live, at the moment, and their continued presence is more and more appreciated by their own ‘SMIC’?

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