An Important Message

The key, therefore, to this 'r/evolutionary' project, i.e. for the speeded-up evolution of society, concerns 'The Re-Cognition of The Notion of Unity' for it underpins all of the ‘Ideas of Change’ being put forward here for democratically bringing into existence 'A United and Sustainable, More Advanced, Global Civilisation.'

This 'Concept of Oneness' is not only being rediscovered in all of the religions of the world where it has lain hidden and/or suppressed for hundreds of years but is also coming to light within the latest scientific findings. (Book List 2)

Thus, it is being revealed, we and everything around us are all interconnected, interrelated and interdependent because we and everything around us are all made of the same stuff, i.e. energy vibrating, subatomically, at different frequencies, which sometimes becomes 'clumped together' into constellations, solar systems and planets and out which all sentient beings, including ourselves, arise and evolve.

The Material Realm

So, where did this energy come from?  The answer we have been given is from 'The Prime Source', 'First Cause', 'The Creator', which some people still call ‘God' but not in its religious, supernatural, existing-out-there, made-in-the image-of-man sense but in one which is more complete and up-to-date.  (Conversations with God, Book 1, pages 21-28, and CwG, Book 3, pages 168-181.)

And the reason why this 'Life Force' exploded out of no thing, at the time of ‘The Big Bang’, to form the cosmos, both the seen and the unseen, was so that It might experience Itself in all of Its glory in the material realm.

For, although It knew conceptually that It is magnificent, what It longed for was to know this feeling experientially.  And the way in which It does this - in the realm of the relative, thus created (as compared to that of the absolute where It resides) - is through us, 'Its spirit children.'

Our Main Purpose

‘God’, therefore, i.e. that 'Glorious Originating Dimension' in which there is no time and no space, just Truth, Love and Joy, created not only the physical universe, in this one spectacular moment, but the metaphysical as well.

The latter It accomplished by dividing Itself into an infinite number of spiritual units, some of which incarnate on this planet, whenever they choose to, i.e. into a human life form, as you and me!

In addition, therefore, to a body and a mind, each of us has a soul, the sole purpose of which is to evolve, a mission we are able to carry out, if we choose to, 'by re-presenting the grandest version of our greatest vision of ourselves’ in relation to all those events, persons and circumstances which we draw to us during each lifetime.  (CwG, Book 1, pages 82-4.)

We Are All One

Hence, this enhanced perspective is re-minding us that Life is 'G.O.D', physicalised and metaphysicalised; that we are not apart from ‘G.O.D' but are a part of It;  and that, since we are not separate from any body or any thing, ‘We Are All One.’

But, it could well be asked, if this is Who We Are, the offspring of 'G.O.D', and It is so magnificent, why isn’t there already a paradise here on Earth?  Why isn’t Heaven already here on this planet (or, as far as we know, anywhere else in the universe!)?

And the answer we have been given is simple.  When we begin to take up a new existence in the material realm, we forget Who We Are.  (CwG, Book 1, Page 28.)

Becoming Re-Minded

Believing (incorrectly), therefore, that we are separate from each other and our surroundings and that 'There Is Not Enough', we behave accordingly, i.e. mainly in competitive and aggressive ways (as a result of which we have often become organised into top-down, them-and-us, pyramids of wealth and power.)

Thus, it is that, having lived in this culture of fear, division and perceived scarcity for thousands of years, we have experienced so much pain, conflict and destruction and, led by ruling elites and minorities, been brought by this limited perspective to our current situation, i.e. heading towards the edge of an abyss and, possibly, beyond!

Then, how can we, the human race, overcome this predicament?  Again, the reply we have been given is simple and it is by each of us re-membering Who We Are and, thus, becoming once more a member of the whole (and, therefore, 'awake, unitively aware and, hence, christed’ - the real meaning of ‘The Second Coming’?)

Moving On

Consequently, the re-cognition (knowing again) of ‘The Notion of Unity’ is important for it will have many beneficial outcomes for the human race, once it enters 'The Collective Consciousness', i.e. the hearts and minds of every body (mind and soul.)

For, not only will it enable us all to behave with 'love' towards each other and the planet but it will also help democratically to establish, in this emerging 'Climate of Oneness', a caring, sharing, war-no-more world within which 'A More Advanced Society’ can be introduced.  (See: Unity in Practice and Self-Governance )

NB.  The word 'behave' means literally 'to have ourselves be'!  So, how are you choosing to have yourself be today?  (Hence, that well known, Shakespearean quote: to be or not to be for that is the question!)

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