Re-Building The Current Global 'Order'

The following 'Ideas of Change' have been gleaned mainly from the ‘CWG’ material in which they are often expressed as "dares" or "changes in direction", thereby enabling us, the peoples of the Earth, to move on and go where we say we would like to go, i.e. "a place of love and concern for all humankind."  ( CwG, Bk 2, Chap 11)

Such adaptations, therefore, to the increasingly unsustainable and dysfunctional situation on this planet, even while the 'Notion of Unity’ is entering hearts and minds everywhere, might well include:

the requirement on all manufacturers and corporations to put two figures on the price tag of every item they put up for sale so that they show not only how much the buyer has to pay but also how much it cost them to produce (CwG, Book 2, pages 193/4);

the transference of ten percent of all earnings each year to a new Worldwide Compensation System from the incomes of those voluntarily requesting such a deduction and using it for the “support of all programs and services of the government, as voted on by the people” (CwG, Book 2, page 187);

the establishment of a minimum and a maximum wage/salary with contributions above the upper limit to a World Charitable Trust in the name of the contributor “so all the world would know its benefactors” (CwG, Book 2, page 216);

the setting up of a temporary, democratically constituted, ‘One World Transition Parliament’, based on a fair and equal federation of all existing Nation States (CwG, Book 2, pages 143/4, but see also, The Different Drum, pages 274-276, and Einstein and The Poet, page 133);

the establishment of an International Court of Law “whose decisions, unlike those of the present World Court, are binding in order to settle disputes, other than, as now, by military might and killing – a sure sign of our current extraordinary immaturity” (CwG, Book 2, pages 195/6);

the maintenance of “a world peace keeping force to guarantee that no one nation - no matter how powerful or how influential - can ever again aggress upon another” (CwG, Book 2, pages 196);

the granting of permission for each Nation State to “keep its internal peacekeeping police” (CwG, Book 2, pages 205/6) for the time being - 'until we have all become self-regulated and self-aware' (my words);

the dismantling of all national armies and their weapons of offence and defence, accompanied by the transference of the vast amounts of money thereby released - presently running worldwide at a million dollars per minute – “to humanitarian purposes” (CwG, Book 2, page 150);

the introduction of the principle of visibility into all financial dealings so that everyone might know everything about everybody’s money situation, thereby bringing about “fairness, honesty and true for-the-good-of-all priority into the conduct of human affairs” (CwG, Book 2, page 183);

the replacement of all existing currencies by a new international, OWT, monetary system, based on an arrangement of Credits and Debits, “that is wide open, totally visible, immediately traceable and completely accountable” (CwG, Book 2, P 186);

the making of arrangements for the reconciliation of all previous divisions between individuals, groups of people and Nation States via initiatives and projects involving restoration, reparation and reunification (Tomorrow’s God, pages 314-317);

the encouragement of all religions to examine their holy scriptures, retain that which is in keeping with the latest scientific/spiritual understandings and, therefore, become rejuvenated and 'at one' with the each other (The New Revelations, pages 63/64, and Tomorrow’s God, pages 216/7, 233-244);

the allocation to each Nation of an equal proportionate share of the world’s resources, instead of allowing the most powerful and/or geographically fortunate to keep and/or make use of these solely for their own benefit (CwG, Book 3, page 287);

the replacement of ownership, a mental construct that never brought anybody long term security and happiness, with the concept of 'Caression’(The New Revelations, pages 255-257) - implemented, it is suggested, by 'Community Registration and Stewardship.’

Consequently, these deliberate amendments to the current 'order', at a global level, would not only bring about 'the unification of the human race' in practice but also 'an appropriate environment' in which to introduce 'a more advanced society.' (See: Self-Governance).

NB.  Further details concerning the 'spiritual/political aspects' of the CwG material is available at: www.spanglefish.com/ttmobgi

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