And so, within this 'Elevated Civilisation', composed of ‘Self-Managed, Intentional Communities', i.e. 'SMICs', in which 'hierarchy, competition and unlimited growth' is giving way to 'networks, cooperation and sustainability', human affairs would be organised in a very different, enlightened and just manner.  For example:

as much wholesome food as possible would be grown, in ways that are kind to the environment and living creatures, e.g. via agroecology and permaculture, and as many useful and necessary goods as possible produced, employing the latest technological developments, e.g. Decentralised Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing);

all homes falling within ‘The Catchment Area’ of each  'SMIC' would be repaired and upgraded (or, if necessary, demolished) and, then, given their own ‘log book’, providing a complete and detailed account of their history;

buildings would be made energy efficient and productive, e.g. by making use of their outside surfaces (such as roofs, walls and windows), and improving batteries, thereby conserving this precious but renewable resource;

electrical power would also be generated off-grid by methods which do not harm the earth’s atmosphere or are a threat to its long term survival, e.g. solar power, geo-thermal heat and any other, as yet, undiscovered and/or undeveloped means, such as 'photovoltaic, metal trees';

pollution-free, made-to-last and easy-to-repair vehicles would be provided within each 'SMIC' in conveniently located pools of shared means of transport, while new ways of travel would be explored;

some of its residential streets would be made traffic free and unnecessary street furniture removed, thereby making these environments more attractive and safer for children, while mains services under the road would be made more readily accessible;

adequate medical services, with the emphasis on the prevention of illness and disease, both physical and mental, would be made available within each 'SMIC', along with a wide variety of local facilities for recreation and taking exercise;

a healthy diet for all of its members would be ensured by only providing wholesome, locally and regionally grown food (wherever possible), while the expected increase in leisure time, arising from a shorter ‘working week', would enable the preparation of nutritious meals 'at home';

dependents, living within each 'SMIC', such as children, the infirm, the elderly and those with special needs, would be cared for, on a shared basis, by all of its members;

what few disputes and instances of anti-social behaviour, which might occur under these enlightened conditions, would be resolved on a local basis - possibly, using the methods of restorative justice and the principles of ‘Awareness, Honesty and Responsibility’ (CwG, Book 3, Pages 333-336);

the senior members of each 'SMIC' would be valued for their experience and wisdom, instead of being ignored, neglected and/or 'put out to grass' in some far off, possibly seaside location;

every form of transport would become integrated and improved, as the need for the movement of people and things by heavy machines and an expensive and intrusive system of roads is reduced;

slums and substandard accommodation would be removed, as cities are slimmed down, by encouraging and enabling a voluntary migration back to rural areas, e.g. to existing, empty/moribund hamlets and villages or brand new settlements in appropriate locations, including large country estates (Implementation);

remaining urban districts would become composed of adjacent ‘SMICs’, maybe, around a central cultural area;

water supply and drainage would be organised on a local/regional basis, using eco-friendly methods, e.g. by separating ‘grey’ water from drinking water and passing sewage through reed beds and/or using it for fertilizer/biogas;

flood defences and coastal erosion would be overhauled locally/regionally and include the equitable re-housing of members, where necessary;

the amount of waste would decline drastically as less packaging is used and goods are made on ‘a cradle to cradle’ basis (Book List 4);

population growth would be stabilised and lowered by ensuring that every body, mind and soul feels happy and secure, thereby removing the need for large families;

immigration issues would be resolved by removing, at source, the political, economic, social and religious reasons for their existence;

destructive tourism and bureaucratic twinning would be replaced by cultural exchanges between 'SMICs' and Regions for the sake of relaxation, stimulation and the cross-fertilisation of ideas (and, of course, people!);

every place of worship, e.g. Mosque, Temple, Gurdwarah, Synagogue, Church, etc., having, perhaps, become renamed as 'Halls of Unity', would be used for the formal remembrance of Who We Are and Why We Are Here and, in general, for spiritual growth and refreshment, as people of faith and no faith come together in the light of increasing knowledge concerning ‘Us, God and The Universe’;

and, patriotic fervour would give way to local, regional and global esteem.

But these are suggestions only, designed to show how this method of organising human affairs, with its suitably adapted economy, might well be organised.

For, in practice, it will be for the members of each ‘SMIC' - in conjunction with their neighbours, both at home and abroad - to make decisions on such matters, using the participative, direct democracy ways, described.

Thus, they would put in their own, commonly agreed details into practice, thereby establishing throughout the land ‘A United and Sustainable, More Advanced Society.'  (Implemetation)

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