The following are just some of the 'problems' which we, the human race, experience at various times in our lives and which often leave us feeling unhappy and insecure (but which, in the enlightened days ahead, will be called 'blessings', for what will be important - for our growth, individually and collectively - is how we respond to them):

debt, not having enough to live on, raise a family and/or look after children;

expensive rents, mortgage arrears, lack of affordable housing;

physical and/or mental illness, caused by stress, perhaps, leading to drug abuse;

overstretched public services, e.g. hospitals, doctors surgeries, ambulance turnouts, giving rise to inadequate care of the ill, infirm and elderly,

troubles with the present education system due, for example, to pressure, fear of failure, repressiveness, etc.;

concerns about the environment, such as its destruction and degradation, and the widespread pollution of the atmosphere, causing climate change and its effects;

the spread of hard-to-treat diseases - possibly, leading to pandemics - both at home and abroad, including those which are becoming anti-biotic resistant;

breakdown in relationships resulting in all kinds of conflict & violence between individuals, groups of people & Nations;

the growing problem of migration for economic and other reasons;

‘acts of terror’, committed by all sides, both in 'The East' and in 'The West', leading to an increasingly entrenched 'divide in ideology', a situation which is becoming ever more dangerous because of 'advances in technology';

the ‘population explosion’, widespread hunger and poverty;

the construction of industrial estates and ‘big sheds’ alongside motorways, carrying ever more polluting, fossil-fuel-driven, carbon-emitting vehicles;

massive urban growth, allied to the increasing appearance of decimated, homogeneous town centres and empty/moribund hamlets and villages;

unemployment, crime, fraud, corruption, tax evasion and avoidance;

bullying, all kinds of harassment, unhelpful media attention and coverage, e.g. on TV, in the newspapers and/or on-line;

remote and distant bureaucracies, causing annoyance, frustration, irritation and/or anger;

greater intrusiveness into our private lives by The State and CCTV;

loss of faith in the current political system, thereby generating feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, cynicism and apathy.

The list of woes is long and, no doubt, could be extended.  Even so, they all have one thing in common.  They are the product of a limited worldview of separation and insufficiency, giving rise to the current top-down method of organising human affairs, with its pyramids of wealth and power, hierarchy and domination, imposed order and control.

Root Cause

But, worse than this, such an arrangement enables leaders, elected or otherwise, to seek ever greater amounts of influence for themselves (and, possibly, their entourage) at the expense of the rest of us and the planet, a pattern of behaviour which is then imitated at all levels of society.

But please note.  These comments are not meant to be taken personally.  Yes, ‘bosses, priests and politicians’ often do act anti-socially and/or against nature.  (Yet, outside of the workplace, some of them can be very pleasant and charming people who, at home, are nice to their children and kind to their dog!)

Rather, these observations are aimed at the system itself which allows and demands that, in these roles, they must conduct themselves in ruthless, autocratic and often selfish ways in order 'to succeed.'

Nor are these remarks concerned with replacing one set of rulers by another, as has happened on a number of occasions in the past, e.g. in France (1789), Russia (1918), Spain (1937) and, more recently, during the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ (2011).

For this would simply constitute a political rebellion after which, for ‘the average citizen’, nothing much changes.  Indeed, matters can and do become worse!

On the contrary, their intention is to bring about ‘The Transformation of Society’, i.e. a democratically implemented, careful and gradual, 'progradical' change to the way in which today's primitive society is organised, the end result of which will be the creation of ‘An Elevated Civilisation’!

But, as intimated throughout these pages, imho, there can be no change of circumstance, without a change of consciousness!  (Notion of Unity)

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