There are a number of ways of responding to the current dysfunctional, unsustainable and divisive situation which exists here on Earth.  These include:

on a personal level, being apathetic, suffering in silence, complaining to each other, simply taking care of oneself and immediate family, seeking distraction (hedonistic or otherwise), giving to charity and/or taking part in private, alternative exercises; and,

on a political level, signing petitions, writing to an MP, getting involved in this or that single issue campaign, protesting on-line, demonstrating in the streets and/or voting for a conventional, business-as-usual party.

These are understandable reactions, given current mind-sets.  Yet their results can be rather limited, since they present no real threat to the seats of wealth and power.

But isn’t there something more we can do - not in place of but in addition to these responses?  Could we, the people, not also start changing the conditions which give rise to this unsatisfactory state of affairs in the first place instead of always but only treating the symptoms (often to no avail)?

Could not we, the 99%, also start moving on by taking action which goes to the root of our problems and, in the process, bring about ‘A United and Sustainable, More Advanced Society’?  For, Life was never meant to be lived like this!  Nor, as already explained, could it ever be!

(Thus, nobody is saying that the present system is all bad but simply that it is no longer working and needs to be urgently adapted in places!  For, although it has improved the material lot of  a few, it cannot last in its present form forever!

Meanwhile, its limited outlook does not help us to make an accurate statement of Who We Are!  Therefore, let's keep the best bits and use the current system as a spring board for introducing the next stage in our evolution!)

The Parliamentary Way

So, how might this moving on in a gradual and careful way be accomplished?

The answer being proposed here is by democratically transforming the existing method of organising human affairs, based mainly on ‘Fear, Division and Hierarchy’, to one founded wholly on ‘Love, Unity and Networks.’

For there is only one way, imho, in which this urgently required 'social metamorphos' can be peacefully and successfully introduced throughout the land and that is by making use of the current parliamentary process.

Hence, the importance of democracies becoming established in places where they do not yet exist, an ambition which will soon become manifest everywhere, when ‘Ideas of Change’, such as these, become universally known and accepted.

However, an objection could be made that such a metamorphosis is impossible, given the current developed lie of the land, to which the answer must be: “Try telling that to the caterpillar which has yet to change into a beautiful butterfly!”  These things happen in nature and, given the need, means and imagination, they can happen in society!

(It has taken about four decades to build, especially along the coast line, the present, highly developed, mainly centralised landscape.  It could, therefore, only take the same amount of time - maybe, less! - to dismantle this scenario and return to the countryside?)

More mundanely, it could be argued, the current parliamentary process is subject to many shortcomings and dangers, such as the temptation to sell out, the pressure exerted by powerful lobbies, the possibility of bribery and corruption, attacks by short-sighted, unevolved, vested interests and, in some cases, even its overthrow by violence.

It is true that this might be the case at the moment but the answer to these protestations must surely be that, as the ‘Notion of Unity’ starts entering ‘The Collective Consciousness’ and the need to address the deteriorating situation on this planet becomes ever more urgent, its imperfections will simply be swept aside, as these forces – the latter negative, the former positive - start to exert their influence everywhere!

What is envisaged, therefore, is the emergence ubiquitously of 'A One World Transition Party', the most important role of which, especially at the time of A General Election, will be to promote and support the powerful and exciting message of ‘Love, Unity and Transformation' via progradical, concrete and practicable "changes in direction", such as those being put forward here.

Possible Origins

But where might this very different, 'r/evolutionary' association come from?  There are a number of possible sources for its appearance worldwide.

For example, such a ground-breaking organisation might grow out of the actions mentioned above - in particular, those campaigns and demonstrations, both on-line and in the street, regularly taking place throughout the land today, which are concerned with the overthrow of dictatorial regimes, the widespread disapproval of austerity measures, lack of faith in the existing system and the extinction emergency.

Thus, their participants, especially the young and disaffected, at last would be able to say what they are for instead of simply saying what they are against!

Or, it could develop out of the existing political parties, such as, in this country, the Conservatives, with their recently announced (2016) commitment to the ‘devolution revolution’ and the Socialists with their avowed desire to bring about a more just society.

However, this is unlikely to happen for, in general, ‘The Right’ are staunch upholders of the capitalist system, run by the establishment composed of the ruling elites and minorities, but, as argued here, this is one of the root causes of all of our problems and has no long term future;  and ‘The Left’, being committed to pursuing economic growth, giving hope to the poor and underprivileged and reintroducing policies from the past, such as nationalisation, is reformist, divisive and regressive.

(But, perhaps, some of their former members, along with those who used to occupy the centre ground, could help run the current system, while it is being adapted and, then, phased out?)

Or, the Green Party, with its already declared support for Localism, Decentralisation and Regionalisation, might wish to enlarge its present manifesto to include the innovative, far-reaching thinking being presented here.  But, at the moment, they seem afraid of incurring any possible adverse publicity which talk about the ‘Notion of Unity’ might bring them, as they try to increase their representation, conventionally, at a local and national level.

(However, at least, the Green Party is using language similar to that being deployed on this website but, so far, without explaining, in any practical detail, how it might bring about an environmentally sustainable and socially fair society.  And so, imho, without a well worked out, long term, big picture vision, it would have to resort to some very Draconian legislation - and, thus, help bring about 'A 1984-ish, Eco-Fascist, Police State'?

Or, 'The World Socialist Movement', in the form of The SPGB in this country, the main aim of which is to bring about a stateless, moneyless and classless society, based on the principles of common ownership, direct democracy and production-for-need-not-profit, might like to enlarge its perspective considerably by taking on board the enhanced perspective that ‘We Are All One’ and launch its campaigns on this basis.

But this too seems unlikely to happen because diehard, revolutionary socialists maintain a strictly materialist outlook on Life which it is unlikely to change in the near future, even though the metaphysical concept of ‘the interconnectedness of everybody’ would support their appeals to ‘The Brotherhood of Man’ as a physical concept?

Or, as the human race becomes beset by greater threats to its continued existence on this planet, a coalition of existing political parties may well need to come into being, thereby unifying the species in practice as well as spiritually.

(Such threats have already been outlined and include climate change, financial meltdown, epidemics of hard-to treat diseases, mass migration for political, economic and religious reasons, ideologically inspired acts of terror - by both ‘The West’ and ‘The East’ - and continual, orchestrated, profit-driven warfare, made more lethal by advances in technology.)

Main Task

But wherever, on this troubled but potentially glorious planet, An OWT Party comes into being, its main task will be to gain centralised power in order to dismantle and get rid of it, to hand back control over our lives and surroundings from the top, while encouraging and enabling it to be taken up from the bottom, once the process of global unification has begun!

For, let it be made quite clear, what is being proposed here is nothing short of tthe eventual introduction, when the time is right, of ‘A Self-Managed Society’ throughout the land, i.e. that ideal state of affairs where there are no permanent leaders because they are not necessary.

A Temporary Organisation

But please note.  While adapting and phasing out the current, 'primitive' system until it has ‘withered away and died’, such a party would, for the most part, also disappear.  For, once this ‘United and Sustainable, More Advanced Society’ has become established, it will become redundant!  (Implementation)

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