At the moment, we live in 'a primitive society', run by a method of organising human affairs which is divisive and unsustainable.  This increasingly obvious, dysfunctional state of affairs, therefore, is in urgent need of much adaptation - especially now, e.g. in the face of  warfare, this pandemic and the effects of climate change.


But the word 'primitive' is not being used here in a critical or pejorative way.  All it is saying is that we, the human race, are living in a civilisation in the first stages of its evolution.  Thus, for example, we kill each other in order to settle our most serious disputes; we are destroying, in the name of ‘making a profit’, our environment (but where is the profit in damaging our home, the Earth, upon which we all depend for our existence in the material realm?);  and we watch members of our species, including children, starve - sometimes, to death - and do very little about it.  Only a primitive society, i.e. in the first stages of its evolution, would do such things!

Hence, most people, figuratively speaking, are still in 'their childhood'; some are not long into 'their adolescence' (which, as everybody knows, is a dangerous period in the development of any being); and a few are on the threshold of moving into 'their adulthood.'


Yes, it could be claimed that this primitive society has served some of us well materially, especially those who occupy the higher levels on the pyramid of wealth and power, i.e. the upper and middle classes.  But, for the majority of people, it is not working.  Witness, for example:

the stress, damage and suffering it causes in the form of debt, money worries, unemployment, drug/alcohol abuse, physical/mental health issues and the frequent outbreak of conflict and violence between individuals, groups of people and Nations;

the relentless degradation of the Earth and the pollution of its atmosphere which it causes, involving deforestation, soil erosion, water shortages, rising sea levels and resource depletion (especially fossil fuels to which, at the moment, we seem hopelessly addicted and for which we appear ready to ‘frack and fry’ the planet!);

the public discontent, civil unrest and outright rebellion which it provokes, giving rise to protests, demonstrations and popular uprisings, not least against increasing austerity cuts, the huge, widening gap between the very rich and the rest of the population and the recent coming to power of autocratic, demagogic leaders; and,

the growing amount of authoritarianism which it engenders in order to deal with these problems, such as the passing of more and more repressive legislation, the granting of greater resources and stronger powers to the police and armed forces of the world and the installation of various forms of surveillance everywhere (not least in response to the recent outbreak of widespread disease and acts of terrorism which can be used to control 'the masses.')

Unsustainable and Divisive

But, as mentioned above, not only is this civilisation of ours primitive and dysfunctional, the system by which it is organised, with its favoured, transnational corporations, out-dated, dictatorial religions and discredited government regimes, is unsustainable and divisive.

It is unsustainable because it relies for its success on ever increasing economic growth, a physical impossibility within a finite world.  Consequently, it contains the seeds of its own destruction (unless, of course, just a few of us are able to escape, i.e. go elsewhere in the solar system!?!)

And, it is divisive because it uses competition as the main force for motivating people’s behaviour.  Thus, it turns people against each another.

Which Way?

Accordingly, therefore, we, the human race, have an important decision to make at this critical stage in our evolution.

Either, we allow Life to impose its own adjustments, as we carry on with ‘business as usual’ with a few tweaks here and there, in which case life could become even more repressive and totalitarian, while our future presence on this planet - except, maybe, for 'a privileged few' - can hardly be guaranteed!

Or we gradually and carefully introduce practical and concrete adjustments to the status quo, such as those outlined here, the end result of which could be the establishment of 'a united and, then, sustainable, more advanced, global civilisation.'

Hence, all is not gloom and doom.  There is still time to save the day and move on - by choosing the more attractive destination, a course of action in which, imho, we are being assisted by the emergence of some new and rediscovered information concerning the true nature of 'Us, God and The Universe' and the reason for our being here. (Notion of Unity)

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