A Better World

These pages, therefore, have tried to demonstrate in more detail that, over a short, intense period of time, called ‘The Transformation’, we, the human race, could deliberately and democratically bring into existence ‘A United and Sustainable, More Advanced Society’, based on ‘The Re-Structuring of the Current Global Order’, ‘The Re-Creation of The Community’, ‘The Re-Settling of The Land’ and ‘The Re-Schooling of Society’, all underpinned by ‘The Re-Cognition of The Notion of Unity.'

The benefits of taking such a 'r/evolutionary', i.e. speed-up, course of action could be as follows:

the provision, at the time of an election, of something worthwhile to vote for (i.e. in addition to any involvement in private exercise and social activism, especially, for those who have lost faith in the current system);

the making available of a real opportunity to alter the direction in which we, the peoples of the Earth, are heading - away from the edge of an abyss and towards a more attractive and welcome destination;

the constructive turning inside out and the right way up of today’s primitive and divided society, thereby solving many of our current problems and enabling wealth and power to become – willingly! - more evenly spread;

the construction of 'A New Social Framework' into which all people everywhere can put their own details.  (Hence, the content of this writing is descriptive, not prescriptive, for nobody is telling anybody what to do within these new arrangements);

the realisation that ‘survival of the fittest’ is a process and not a principle according to which society should be organised and that the purpose of Life is not ‘the accumulation of the greatest wealth’ but ‘the doing of the most good’;

the eventual founding of ‘An Elevated Civilisation’ in which everybody has enough to meet their basic needs, i.e. food, warmth and shelter, along with a satisfying role in the workplace, now called the joy-place;

the peaceful and successful introduction of ‘A Social Revolution’ via the construction globally of ‘horizontally linked, regional networks of flexible, decentralised, interconnected, Self-Managed Intentional Communities (SMICs) in which a more grown up, self-regulatory method of organising human affairs can become established locally everywhere;

the gradual and careful establishment of ‘A More Evolved World’ in which ‘Fear’ is giving way to ‘Love’, ‘Insufficiency’ to ‘Abundance’ and ‘Division’ to ‘Unity’, thereby providing the key to creating ‘Heaven on Earth’!

Time To Move On

But, for all of the above to occur, we must first become awake to and aware of what is going on around us, both physically and metaphysically, while looking for and finding a way forward!

We must stop allowing ourselves to be continually tricked and manipulated by the established, ruling elites and minorities whom we have allowed to control and direct us from above!

In particular, we must grow (up) and evolve, individually and collectively, and, thus, become ready, willing and able to take an active and responsible role in the organisation of human affairs – locally, regionally and globally!

So, is this not the perfect moment for advancement?

A More Complete Worldview

The most important way, therefore, in which we can do this is by realising that there is more to Life than meets the eye and, thus, exploring and promoting 'The Notion of ‘Unity’!

For, without this change of consciousness, there can be no change of circumstance for the better!

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