Spiritual Politics

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Material Politics

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A Few Quotes

“Seek then to create change not because a thing is wrong, but because it no longer makes an accurate statement of Who You Are.”  Walsch, CwG, Book 1, Page 36. ( Book List 2 )

“Effective political activism does not come from anger or hatred – and spiritual activism never does - but rather from love.  It is not a question of making someone or something wrong; it is simply a decision to exchange the present reality for a new one, out of a new thought about Who You Are and Who You Choose To Be.”  Walsch, Friendship with God, Page 385.

“In the days of the New Spirituality the idea that politics and spirituality do not mix will be abandoned for ever.  Remember, the New Spirituality says that politics is your spirituality, demonstrated.  In the days to come, this will be recognised at last.”  Walsch, Tomorrow’s God, Page 245.

“Humanity’s struggle is not a military struggle, it is a struggle for the mind.  If it were merely a military struggle, then the struggle would be over, because the mightiest military would easily win.  Yet your histories, and world events to this very day, prove that the mightiest military cannot win anything.  It can subdue, but it cannot be victorious.  Subjugation and victory are not the same thing.  Only when you change people’s minds can you claim victory in the struggle to bring peace and harmony to humanity.  And this will only occur when humanity understands that its problem is not a military problem, it is not a political problem, and it is not an economic problem.  The problem facing humanity today is a spiritual problem.”  Walsch, Tomorrow’s God, Page 254.  (See also, Walsch, The Storm Before The Calm, A New Human Manifesto, Conversation 16.)

“While many people today are in tune with this new vision of the unity underlying all reality - even if they have not heard about the scientific Field Theory - the fact remains, however, that all our major institutions, be they political, social, ecclesiastical, economic, still operate as if everything existed independently of the separate parts comprising it.  Many of the major issues affecting our lives, and the lives of those who make and implement major decisions, are largely untouched by this new vision.  They are still immersed in the old ‘mechanical’ consciousness.  They still attempt to dominate, manipulate and control the world by controlling different sections and parts in isolation from others.’  Smith, God, Energy and the Field, Page 32.  ( Book List 2 )

“First, it is not necessarily true that, to give more to those who now hunger and thirst and live without shelter, others must give up their abundance.

As I have pointed out, all you would have to do is take the $1,000,000,000,000 a year spent annually worldwide for military purposes and shift that to humanitarian purposes, and you will have solved the problem without spending an additional penny of shifting the wealth from where it resides to where it does not.

Of course, it could be argued that those international conglomerates whose profits come from war and tools for war would be ‘losers’ – as would their employees and all those whose abundance is derived from the world’s conflict consciousness – but perhaps your source of abundance is misplaced.  If one has to depend on the world living in strife in order to survive, perhaps this dependence explains why your world resists any attempt to create a structure for lasting peace.” N D Walsch, CwG, Book 2, Hodder and Staughton, 1996, Page 150.

(For a more complete discussion of the basic principles of ‘Functionality, Adaptability and Sustainability’ which all of Life expresses, see ‘The New Revelations’, Chapters 20-22.)

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