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A Few Brief Quotes

'Enter and Leave Freely' sign above door to Tolstoy's School.

“I started my social activity with the school and teaching and after forty years I am convinced that only by education, free education, can we ever manage to rid ourselves of the existing horrible order of things and replace it with a rational organisation.”  Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)

“Will is a child’s motive force: it impels a child from within, whereas obedience compels a child from without. Those who would overrule a child’s will take ‘obedience’ as their watchword, as they fear disobedience and disorder and believe that if a child is not controlled, there will be chaos.  The true opposite of obedience is not disobedience but independence.  The true opposite of order is not disorder but freedom.  The true opposite of control is not chaos but self-control.  When children are allowed their will and encouraged to control themselves, community is well served........”  Griffiths, Kith, Page 127.

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